Consumer Electronics Quality Tests and Certifications

Quality Certifications

In contrast to commonplace product-safety certifications, AVTOP offers Quality Certifications. Our test laboratory has over 10 years’ experience carrying out reproducible tests and measurements for both magazines and online portals. From the outset, we have concentrated on the various aspects of quality that are not only measureable, but also valuable for the consumer. Any product that bears our Quality Certification has reached an especially high standard of quality.

Our certifications benefit from extensive knowhow gleaned from more than a decade’s experience producing product reviews for publishers and industrial clients. Our certifications are therefore highly market-relevant and offer a clear advantage to consumers.

Get an overview of our Quality Certificates here or read our study on 3D systems for private use for information on our 3D Quality Certificate.

3D-1920x1080p - certificate by avtop

3D-1920x1080p - certificate by AVtop