Consumer Electronics Quality Tests and Certifications

audio laboratory

Our audio laboratory tests analog and digital audio interfaces, amplifiers, and acoustics. Our team of experienced audio experts not only carry out measurements, but also analyze audio quality using a vast array of listening tests. The AVTOP listening-test room measures over 40 square meters (430 sq ft) and corresponds to the latest studio standards in terms of spatial acoustics. Using a switching unit, we can carry out conclusive blind tests for up to five different multichannel source devices simultaneously.

Apparatus in the AVTOP audio test lab:

– acoustically optimized listening room with switching unit;
– audio analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz, Neutrik;
– MLS measurement software;
– rotary plates for measuring loudspeaker directivity;
– measurement microphones, measurement amplifiers, calibration devices, and a Bruel & Kjaer artificial mouth;
– Neumann artificial head;
– AVTOP test signals.