Consumer Electronics Quality Tests and Certifications

industry consulting

AVTOP is your ideal partner for improving product quality in the consumer-electronics sector. Our extensive industry knowhow stands at your disposal.

Our consultancy services cover everything from market insight to device features, important quality criteria, and test procedures. The goal is always to identify or develop devices that are superior to what the rest of the market has to offer. AVTOP can also help your team to develop targeted communications strategies for new products and features.

We are happy to carry out product audits and discussions with your developers on-site or to welcome you into our laboratories for detailed discussions or viewing/listening tests.

In other words, how you use this time is entirely up to you: We can present our results to your team, demonstrate measurement procedures, or answer predetermined product-specific queries. You can come to us, we can come to you, or we can arrange a videoconference. If you are interested in presenting the gathered information to a larger group of people within your company, we can also deliver detailed video productions.

Examples of reports:

Future report
Which features are soon to be introduced? Which functions are still missing?
In this detailed report we provide tips about important functions that could enhance your product — either because we know that these functions are desirable and have not yet been introduced to the market, or because we have learnt that competitors are planning to introduce technologies that provide such functionality. We also report desires expressed in specialist publications and suggestions from our industry colleagues.

Quality report
How well do the products square up to their competition? What are their qualitative strengths and weaknesses?
In this report you will receive our latest estimation of your product’s quality, including detailed opinions from several expert authors. We will conclude by indicating areas in which we see clear improvement potential and by recommending which aspects to prioritize during product optimization.

Press report
This report examines the criteria that specialist publications consider in terms of quality, operation, and features, and describes measures that can be taken to improve a product’s overall review performance. Using concrete examples, we explain where the press will direct their scrutiny and identify any developing trends. We can also give advance notification of new test criteria that we plan to introduce.

Compatibility report
We offer continual compatibility testing with all other devices tested at AVTOP (about 40k euros’ worth of fresh test samples every month). You will receive detailed reports on compatibility problems such as HDMI-handshake or interoperability issues. In these reports, we will include details of any specific measurement guidelines that we use.

USP (Unique Selling Points) report
In this report we analyze your product’s unique selling points and those of other products. What unique features or functions does your product offer that its competitors do not? What unique features or functions do competing products offer? What additional USPs could easily be put into place?