Consumer Electronics Quality Tests and Certifications

product optimization

The AVTOP test laboratory has many years of experience in the field of product optimization. Manufacturers and importers of consumer-electronics devices rely on our knowledge of the market and technical expertise to help them define product requirements and ensure that their products comply with specifications.

Moreover, our test engineers and technicians recognize any aspect of a product that offers room for improvement. In collaboration with manufacturers’ developers, our team often help to deliver significant quality enhancements. Our suggestions have already allowed many well-known manufacturers to bring better products to the market.

We carry out a detailed analysis of all aspects of your product in order to track down any strengths or potential weaknesses, and to show you where there is room for optimization. We are also happy to carry out quality analysis in parallel with development — this can often recognize shortcomings early-on, when they can be resolved with relatively little effort.

If necessary, we are also happy to consult with developers on-site and provide valuable tips for product improvement.

Better products increase customer satisfaction and therefore, in turn, the market success of the products!