Consumer Electronics Quality Tests and Certifications

subjective tests

Since the signal quality we measure in the lab is not the only decisive factor, we also turn our attention to the following important criteria:


Thanks to our extensive and highly up-to-date testing, we always have our finger on the pulse in terms of market-relevant criteria. Our product evaluations contain information about all relevant aspects of the feature set. This way, you can always see how many features or connections are present on your product, or how many are still missing.

We also check the compatibility with various file and media formats, such as:

File formats:
- DivX
- Windows Media Video (SD and HD)
- Nero Digital
- MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, Xvid
- H.264

Media formats:
- Blu-ray
- DVD-Audio, SA-CD
- CD-DA, CD-Text, copy-protected CDs

professional listening tests

Listening tests take place in our acoustically optimized listening room. Precise absorbers, and precise absorber positioning, provide optimized reverb times, just as in a recording studio. We achieve 0.4 seconds reverb-time between 200Hz and 10 kHz. The room is not, however, completely ‘dead’; to achieve an atmosphere that is at least somehow comparable to a (perfectly optimized) living room, some diffuse reflective surfaces remain after optimization. Our ‘trained ears’ will find any weaknesses in sound playback. In comparative tests of various receivers, we use switching equipment to be able to follow differences between devices in a blind test, with almost no switching delay.

Our reference loudspeakers are a set of B&W Nautilus 803D’s.

Minimal reverberation in the listening room – We optimized our listening environment with the help of well-known acoustician Thomas Fast, of Fastaudio. More than 50 acoustic absorbers ensure reproducible acoustic conditions, to studio level, in a room of over 40 m².

professional viewing tests

In our laboratory, visual tests take place in an absolutely dark room, in order to eliminate the influence both of external light sources, and of any light reflected within the testing room itself. As a reference for projector tests we use a screen from Stewart that is certified by both ISF and Joe Kane.
For evaluating images from DVD players and other video sources, we use professional studio monitors (also HDTV-capable) from JVC.
AVTOP has separate rooms for TV and projector tests. All of the lights in the TV test room emit D65 light, which is the standard used in broadcast- and movie-studios. This allows the testers to get used to the correct type of light during the test, and the white of the TVs should match the color temperature of the white ambient lighting.

The black walls of the TV testing room – For reproducible comparison tests and measurements, the ambient light must be tightly controlled.


One important consideration for the market potential of a device is, of course: How intuitive is its operation? To give you some clues as to how practical the device is, we have clear quality criteria for on-screen menus, user manuals and remote control handsets.

Here is a small sample of the services we offer:
- if you wish, we can test user manuals according to the DIN standard EN 62079
- exposing error-prone functions
- indicating any missing settings options
- we provide tips for optimizing the ease-of-use as a matter of course