Consumer Electronics Quality Tests and Certifications

video laboratory

The AVTOP video laboratory tests televisions and projectors as well as analog and digital video sources. We also check HDMI signals for level distortions, sharpness losses, and color neutrality. In short: Our test laboratory tests everything that comes out of video outputs or that is displayed as an image.

Apparatus in the AVTOP video test lab:

– darkened room with D65 illumination;
– Rohde & Schwarz SFQ TV test transmitter;
– Rohde & Schwarz DVSG digital video generator;
– Quantum Data 802 digital video generator;
– AVfoundry Videoforge digital video generator;
– Rohde & Schwarz SAF analog video generator;
– Konica Minolta CS-2000 spectroradiometer;
– precision rotary table for angle measurements (viewing angle);
– HDMI measurement station (developed in-house at AVTOP);
– large collection of test patterns for 2D and 3D (incl. some developed in-house at AVtop);
– light–voltage converters and oscilloscopes;
– special cameras for high-speed recordings and resolution tests;
– and much more.