Consumer Electronics Quality Tests and Certifications

product reviews

Our product reviews department delivers reproducible comparative and individual testing for specialist and consumer magazines and online portals. As an experienced measurements laboratory, we know the decisive parameters and limiting values for evaluating a product’s quality. We produce test procedures tailored to clients’ needs and can offer advice on the...

editorial services

With an integrated editorial department, AVTOP offers editorial services such as production of comparative tests and service articles. We can also provide articles translated into English by a technically experienced translator. Our existing customers include numerous renowned publishers and online media companies.



Our laboratory reviews more than 500 devices per year, that’s why we have a unique overview over the whole marketplace of consumer electronics. Specialized Test- and Measurement-Instruments and innovative measurment methods….     Industrie | Industry Gebrauchstauglichkeitsprüfungen |usability tests Produktoptimierung | product...